Willi Jennissen

Industrial engineer and agronomist working for companies and organizations of the agricultural and food industry. Consultant since 2002. Expert for organic food value chains.


Three lines of projects

  1. Planning the right strategies
  2. Coaching of descision processes
  3. Food marketing from the field to the consumer
    Here specifically
    • Development of new markets, B2B marketing, private label
    • Strengthening of existing distribution strategies
    • Added value improvement

Standard trainings
Conversations with clients and suppliers, successful negotiations

Please note for in-house trainings: Of course specific needs, issues and problems of a company or organization can be integrated.

Contact Willi Jennissen

Telephone: +49-351-2066 172 (EkoConnect Office)

E-Mail: mail@jennissen.biz
Mobile: +49-151-567 40 611

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Project Management
In-house Trainings
conversation skills and negotiations

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Contract examples, references

Capacity building in the coffee value chain
2009 till 2013: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, www.giz.de, the German state-owned firm for international cooperation.

Strengthening the abilities of two NGOs to consult regional cooperatives to export certified and quality coffee.

• Consulting and training of an organic small farmers’ cooperative with
   an own coffee factory in planning, administration and marketing.
• Strengthening competences in marketing of the national umbrella
   organization of the organic industry.

Strategy development
2008: IFOAM International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements, IFOAM EU Group, Brussels, Belgium. www.ifoam-eu.org.
NGO representing 300 farmers’ organizations. Consultant and moderator of the strategy working group.

Project coaching in a decision process
2008: FEDEXPOR Federación Ecuatoriana de Exportadores, Quito, Ecuador. www.fedexpor.com. Consulting and group coaching for Ecuadorian investors. Hearts of palm industry.

Train the trainers - key expert
2007: ADT-Projekt in Bonn, Germany and Bucharest, Romania, www.adtprojekt.de.
Training of 600 farmers in Romania. Subject: Organic certification and marketing.

Training and Coaching
2005 till 2007: Bioland Markt Ost (Biokorntakt) in Berlin, Germany, www.bioland-markt.de.
Marketing company of the Bioland farmers’ association in eastern Germany. Communication in sales, implementing balanced scorecard, strengthening team processes, individual coaching sessions. Organic cereals and meat.

Strategic and operational coaching
2004 till 2009: SCC Social Projects gGmbH in Hamburg, Germany. www.social-projects.de.
Monthly coaching of the general manager. SCC: Social competence center for young adults.

Strategy development and implementation
2003 till 2006: Bauck GmbH & Co. KG in Rosche, Germany. www.bauckhof.de.
Marketing organic private label consumer products in Europe. Organic baking mixes.

Willi is an experienced advisor and manager. He gained practical working experience as product manager, sales representative and as sales director for Lebensbaum, a leading organic food company in Germany, www.lebensbaum.de, before starting with consultancy in 2002. His vocational training for consultancy covers: NLP and systemic coaching, a one year traineeship with Fromm Management Seminars in Hamburg and further comprehensive trainings and reading in his fields of interest. He holds Master’s degrees in industrial engineering and agronomy from Germany and a Graduate Diploma in agricultural economics from Australia.

<h4> Willi Jennissen - Consultant and Coach for the Food Industry and Trade </h4> Willi Jennissen Consultant and Coach for ökologische Lebensmittel, Naturkost, Bio-Markt, Naturkost-Markt, Bio-Supermarkt, Öko, Öko-Food, organic supermarket, organic market and mercado alimentos ecológico eco.